Thursday, July 10, 2014

Keep on movin'….

 Just a sneak peak at my Material Girl's Challenge quilt. I love the colors! It is very "fall-looking".  I may have to hire someone to quilt it to get it done by the deadline!
I am finally decorating with some of my quilts. One of the extra bedrooms was perfect for a day bed and my antique sewing machine. I am still waiting for my husband to help me hang my quilt rack so I can hang more quilts-he's not so excited about that!


  1. hmmm. I made a comment. What happened to it? poof! Banished by The Google.

    Like the Lemoyne Stars. Fun!

  2. Oh you will have to quilt the MG challenge quilt - look at all that white space to fill in with some fun stuff.

  3. I agree. You need to quilt it yourself. your quilting is gorgeous and I think you'll be happy when you get it done.
    my challenge is still in my head. I think it needs to come out soon.