Sunday, April 12, 2015

Short and stout….

 This is the second Shabby Fabric BOM teapot. "I'm a little teapot…."
 This is a baby quilt I finished for our next little great nephew, due in May!
 I also made this portable diaper holder to match the quilt. 
 The Best of the Valley Quilt show was held this weekend. My Mother and I had a great time. I did win a second place on the quilt shown below. A BIG thank you to Darby Shaw for her awesome quilting that helped win the second place ribbon. 


  1. Love the teapot blocks! Could a non-handwork person do them?
    Congratulations on your ribbon.

  2. Is it Darby Shaw or Darby Myers that did you quilting? I loved both your quilts that were in the show.